Wednesday, July 17, 2013

3 Women and 3 Man Tortured, Executed and Buried-Mexico

Six bodies, three men and three women, were found in a clandestine grave in the mountainous area of the road leading to the town of El Tarascon

face were covered with duct tape and tied to the feet, besides being mutilated. None was identified. One that was brought to Lombardy, it returned, it was not your family

About ten o'clock in the morning, the Municipal Police was informed that in the area known as "The Chupadero" in the woods next to the road linking Paranguitiro communities and The Tarascon, was partially buried human body , after verifying the fact, he informed the authorities concerned.

By taking the first body was discovered they were six, one over another, three men and three women in the back, five hands that had been mutilated victims. All had their faces covered with tape, besides having tied his feet with the same material.

None of them brought any identification; mostly wore jeans and only one cross strap sandals brought. From the facts sixth agent learned prosecutors.

After being carried the bodies to the Civil Hospital amphitheater Uruapan, one of which was claimed by a family from the town of Lombardy, municipality of Gabriel Zamora, but after being veiled, the next day he returned. Not his family.

All were sent to the common grave of Uruapan municipal cemetery as unknown.

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