Wednesday, July 17, 2013

3 Dead in Van Accident-Mexico

Three dead, 12 wounded left one terrible accident on Federal Highway Villahermosa-Frontera, at kilometer 13

The incident occurred when a public service combined with 07 economic number of the villa Tamulte Sheets went off the road as he was speeding, causing several somersaults and finally would fall into a drain.

Most of the passengers went to Villahermosa to work, but the driver sped drove though the pavement was wet, so we lost control of the unit, skidded several meters until the road ended outside .

People living in the area left their homes to hear the beat and with horror saw and heard how they treated the wounded out loudly crying for help.

While some made ​​the rescue work, others called emergency bodies appeared in several ambulances, where one by one, the wounded were taken to different hospitals.

Inside the van was a man, identified as Eleodoro Magaña, who died because of the strong impact, and another one that was crushed by the combination, while a third identified as Juan Antonio Garcia Hernandez, 35 years old, died in the hospital.

The prosecutor went to the scene and ordered the crane performed the maneuver to get the car out of the water and to recover the bodies and perform the corresponding steps.

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