Wednesday, July 31, 2013

3 Brother and 1 women Killed by Bandits-Brazil

Occurrence was early on Wednesday and victims were inside a house.
The quiet town of White Pit dawned shocked by the news of a massacre in the street João Ferreira da Cruz. Three brothers and a woman were shot in the early hours of Wednesday (6), by gunmen who stormed their residence is telling police.
The criminals managed to break the door home, woke the victims and killed with shots to the head. The shots were heard by neighbors at around 1am. The Military Police was quickly fired, but when the authors arrived at the scene of the massacre had already fled to unknown destination.
The three brothers were identified as VARELA Marcio Henrique, 24 years old, JOHN HENRY EMANUEL PEREIRA and RANCHEL HENRY PEREIRA. Already the dead woman was identified as LARISSA ROBERTA DE OLIVEIRA SILVA, 21. According to police, she was the wife of one of the boys.
Still do not know the motivation of the four murders, however, unofficial information realize that one of the dead youths have involvement with drugs. The victims were taken to the ITEP in Natal, which underwent necropsy. The bodies should only be released in the late morning.

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